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Warrior Prayers Day 15-Goodness



Oh, the link here is so good!  Please take a second to read this post on goodness in our boys!

Don’t forget to keep praying!  We are in the home stretch!

Mommy Prayer Day 15- I pray that we all realize that we are not good apart from Christ.  No matter how many “good” things we do, we are only made clean through our Lord.  So most importantly, I pray that our boys hearts will completely belong to God!



Warrior Prayers Day 14-Kindness


“Kindness, it’s not something that comes naturally.  We are selfish, sinful beings who mostly want our own way.  No, kindness is a learned art, usually caught by experiencing it first-hand from the hands of the people closest to us.”

I can tell you that an act of kindness can change your whole day or your perspective on a situation.  I know because I was a recipient of an act of kindness today: something unexpected and uplifting, encouraging and thoughtful.  My dear friend, Michelle, who is also doing this challenge :), had 2 books sent to my house from my Amazon wish list….gold to me!  I pray that my boys do such things to turn others’ days around, to be joyfully contagious to others!

Mommy Prayer Day 14:  I pray that we show our boys how to treat others with kindness, how they can get to the heart of someone else by being kind to them.

I wanted to share a link with you guys to a post by Sally Clarkson, whom I love, (seriously, and I don’t even know her) about showing kindness to our boys.   It was shared in the leader’s guide and I want to share it with you.  There are 2 parts : That boy needs a strong hand! and That boy needs a strong hand part 2.

Warrior Prayer Day 13- Patience


We are so impatient, aren’t we?  I mean, we can’t even sit through commercials anymore, now that we have DVR.  And I think we all might have heart attacks if we ever had to switch back to dial up internet ;).  We are a culture of “I want it now”, so it is sometimes hard to wait for things.

Sometimes the hardest thing to be patient for in our lives is waiting on God to reveal His will to us, His purpose for our life, His peace when we are making decisions. And we don’t want our boys to rush into these things!  (The first example that comes to mind to me is in picking a spouse!)

However, I have found that being faithful in the “little things” and trusting God’s Word through it all gives new perspective and draws me close to Him and allows me to hear His voice even louder.  Some times we get antsy to hear from God so we just jump and make the choices that WE want to make, and end up getting in the way of ourselves.  Has this ever happened to you?  I believe the waiting builds our character, gives us a chance to be obedient in the little things, and gives us opportunities to trust God.

Mommy Prayer Day 13:  I pray that each of us draws close to God in times of waiting.  I pray in those times we can be obedient in the little things and grow in character in the process.  I pray that this will grow our patience.   I pray the same thing for our boys, that they don’t rush to make decisions or determine God’s will, that instead they take time to hear His voice.

Warrior Prayers Day 12-Peace


We all have a ton going on, pressures to get it done, packed schedules, things that make us physically and emotionally tired, after all, we are moms!

How can we help for ourselves? (Tips from Laura Lee Groves, author of I’m Outnumbered!  One moms Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys)

First, find someone to confide in–someone who’s walking your same path, or someone who has walked it
before. My biggest support when my boys were small were two boy moms whose sons were a few years ahead
of mine. Find someone you can be honest with about the trials of mothering.

If at all possible, step away from the demands–for an hour, for an evening, even for just fifteen minutes. Let
someone else hold the baby or chase the toddler for just a bit, and don’t feel guilty. If your son is school age, find
a project or lesson that Dad or big brother or someone else can step into in your place, and take a break. Or just
step back and give your son a little more responsibility–see if he can handle it. We too often see ourselves as
indispensable when our sons can do some things on their own.

You can help yourself by shifting your perspective as he grows. We have to accept that they’re growing and
changing, and if we resist that, it just makes everything more difficult. (HARD!!!!)

And last–but most importantly–pray for him and for your relationship. Pray for the faith to let go, for
confidence in your and his abilities.

The One who made you and loves you is waiting to give help and comfort and peace all along the way.

Mommy Prayer Day 12: I pray that we each find peace, no matter where we are.  I pray Philippians 4:7 (one of my favorites) for each of us…That the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Warrior Prayers Day 11-Joy


Oh, how I need this wisdom right now :).

“What is joy really?  And if my strength comes from the joy of the Lord (Psalm28:7), then what does the joy of the Lord really look like?”

What do we do when we feel like being grumpy, when things just aren’t going your way?  “How do we find joy and strength from the Lord?

Here’s the secret: Focus on Christ.  Thinking on His work and embracing it with a heart of gratefulness is enough to make even the grumpiest among us ‘burst out in songs of thanksgiving’.  No matter where we are, or what we’re experiencing, we CAN find joy,” not because of how we feel or what we are going through, “but because of what He’s done and made possible through His death and resurrection.”

Mommy Prayer Day 11- I pray that no matter what we are facing today, we can find Joy through Christ today.  I pray that our joy is contagious to our boys and that they seek Him when it’s easier to be grumpy and sad.

Warrior Prayers Day 10-Love


As day by day we start praying through the fruits of the Spirit for our boys, what question of comment stuck out to you the most?


How important today’s prayer for love are!  After all, everything else stems from love.  If we truly love God and love others, everything else will fall into place, right?  “We love our good, cars, friends, shoes, fingernail polish, and hair color.  But “there is no real love apart from God, God is behind all real and genuine acts of love.”

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”- 1 John 4:8

Mommy Prayer Day 10: I pray that each of us “can begin to make changes n our life and our vocabulary to help our sons understand the true meaning of the word.”  I pray that each of us is so overwhelmed by the love of God.  That our gratitude for His love shows our sons how to completely love God and in turn, love others.


Warrior Prayers Day 9-Servant’s Heart


“Jesus was God.  He didn’t have to serve anyone.  Neither do we.  We don’t have to serve others.  But Jesus did.  And He said that if we want to be first, we’ll need to be last.  He said that loving others, serving them, was serving Him–loving Him.”

How blessed are we that God chooses to use us to make a difference in this world for Him!  I’ve found in my life that in serving God, (by serving others), I feel closer to Him.  So you can imagine how happy my mommy heart was when my 7 year old suggested that we do something nice for my neighbor (as he saw him pull up into his driveway).  How fitting that he suggested this the day before I start praying for him to have a servant’s heart.  I encouraged him to think of an idea of something to do and carry it out.  So I’ll be praying super hard for him and that God ignites a passion in him to continue to serve others.

Mommy Prayer Day 9:  I pray that we each find ways to teach our sons the value to serving others.  Not just that they “do” but that they have the heart for others to motivate them, that they love the Lord so much that they have an overwhelming love for his children!  I pray that our servant hearts are contagious to our boys!