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Warrior Prayers Day 18-Self-Control


I am seriously tempted to write: “self control, boys, enough said.”  :)  But I won’t stop there.  If we desire for our boys to grow up to be men with hearts for God, that live for God, then they need to learn self control.  And they need to learn it now, so it’s in place when they are older and dealing with a million things that tempt them.  There are many things that will try to take Christ’s place as number one in our boys hearts, we need to help them fight this!

Let’s pray for wisdom for how to instill this character trait in our boys!

Mommy Prayer Day 18: I pray for wisdom as to how to help our boys learn self control.  I pray that we can be good models of self control.  Whatever it is we are tempted to “give in to”, or place above Christ, I pray that He makes it clear to us and gives us the tools to fight it.

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