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Warrior Prayers Day 9-Servant’s Heart


“Jesus was God.  He didn’t have to serve anyone.  Neither do we.  We don’t have to serve others.  But Jesus did.  And He said that if we want to be first, we’ll need to be last.  He said that loving others, serving them, was serving Him–loving Him.”

How blessed are we that God chooses to use us to make a difference in this world for Him!  I’ve found in my life that in serving God, (by serving others), I feel closer to Him.  So you can imagine how happy my mommy heart was when my 7 year old suggested that we do something nice for my neighbor (as he saw him pull up into his driveway).  How fitting that he suggested this the day before I start praying for him to have a servant’s heart.  I encouraged him to think of an idea of something to do and carry it out.  So I’ll be praying super hard for him and that God ignites a passion in him to continue to serve others.

Mommy Prayer Day 9:  I pray that we each find ways to teach our sons the value to serving others.  Not just that they “do” but that they have the heart for others to motivate them, that they love the Lord so much that they have an overwhelming love for his children!  I pray that our servant hearts are contagious to our boys!

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