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Warrior Prayers Day 8-Purity


If there is one area that has been heavy on my heart, even since my boys were quite young, it’s purity.  This is probably because this is such a HUGE area of temptation for young men and also one that is not exactly encouraged by our culture today.  It also cuts right to the heart and our boys are exposed to temptations at a very young age.  Inappropriate material is no longer something boys have to sneak away to find, it finds them!  After all, it’s only a mouse click away.

How do we combat this war for their hearts (and thoughts)… we need to prepare them!  We need to have open communication with them, “prepare them to look for the snares our enemy lays for them, give them tools to help them fight temptation, and make sure they have accountability that helps them stand firm.”  And of course we need to pray!

Again, I HAVE to recommend a book that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that addresses the issue of purity and many more subjects in growing our little men to one day be good husbands…(and yes, it happens to be by the same author as the book I recommended yesterday.  Yes, I love her stuff ;).  It is called Preparing Him for the Other Woman by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  I keep it close to read and re-read frequently.  Here is the link to a review I wrote on it and here is a link to buy it on Amazon.  I also read and really value the information I got from the book Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle by Steven Arterburn(I promise I’ m not trying to sell you stuff, just trying to share resources that I have really gleaned a lot of wisdom from.)

I can’t help but notice that both of the books I like so much have “preparing” in the title.  No wonder I love them so much!  It all comes back to being intentional, something I truly believe in.  Which leads me right into:

Mommy Prayer Day 8: I pray for each of us to be intentional in teaching our boys about purity.  I pray that you guard our sons’ hearts and minds.  I pray that You make our boys aware of the enemies traps and schemes to lead them astray.

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