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Warrior Prayers Day 6-Pride


We’ve made it to day 6!  Keep up the good work ladies!

“We take such pride in our sons, don’t we?  When we see one with a natural bent toward acedemics we call him gifted.  When we see one who excels in sports we call him an exceptional athlete-bound for the pros.  Sometimes we even place pressure on our sons to be who we wish we could have been.  And this can be a form of pride.”

All of our boys are so different!  Trust me, I have 3 and they are nothing alike (even if the do look alike).  God made them individually for a purpose.  That’s why as I pray these prayers, they are a little different for each of my boys, because they have different personalities and gifts.   Of course we all dream of what each will be when they are grown, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter, as long as they “lead lives pleasing to their Creator.”

I found myself praying a lot of the prayers today not only for my boys, but for me too!

We learn from God’s Word how dangerous pride can be.  I believe that is why today’s prayers are so important.  Keep on being diligent!!

Mommy prayer day 6:  I pray that we each examine our hearts to find the motives behind our actions, even the good ones.  I pray that we all humble ourselves and desire to do good for you for no other reason than appreciation for what you’ve already done for us.  Seeing ourselves and our true position (only where we are because of your grace and mercy), is an easy way to take away the pride.  I pray these things for us as mommies and for our sons.

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