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Warrior Prayers- Day 4- Integrity


Today’s reading was another reminder of how important it is to pray for the hearts of our sons.  “Pray for the hearts of your sons.  Pray hard and pray long.”  I’m so glad we are doing this together…to encourage one another.

Integrity!  I have already had many conversations with my boys about this character trait.  It is so very important!  It’s “someone who stands up for what is right no matter who is around.”  However, I know the most effective way to convey this to them is to model it.  “As our sons see us in situations that demand a choice to walk in integrity, we can create natural, life-giving conversations explaining to them why we chose the way we did.  Life is full of opportunities to choose the easy way instead of the way of integrity, but a man of integrity ‘ponders the way that is blameless’ (Psalm 101:2).”

This brings us back to the heart of the matter…our boys’ hearts :).  Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, we just want to see results and see them behave and obey.  I think that is why question 4 hit me so hard today: “Consider your own parenting style.  Is the way you interact with your son(s) targeting the heart and motivating them toward real heart-change?  Or do you mainly focus on changing behavior?”

Mommy prayer day 4:  I pray that each of us can recognize moments of opportunity to teach (and more importantly) model integrity to our sons.  I pray that when we (and our sons) are tempted to take the easy way out, we instead, choose the way of integrity.

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