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Warrior Prayers- Day 3 Submission to Authority


It’s Day 3!  How are you doing?  Have you prayed all the prayers for the first 2 days?  You can do it!

Today’s topic goes right along with yesterdays….submitting to authority.  “All of their lives, our sons will find themselves needing to submit to someone. From parents, to teachers, to bosses, to government officials, and even to God Himself, they will always have someone in a position of authority over them.”

“When was the last time you told your son you were proud of a choice he made to submit to authority? Even when they’re little, our boys need to know that mama sees and rejoices over their wise choices and cries out to God over their foolish ones. Today, make a point to lavish love and praise on your son when he chooses wisely …even in the small things.”

Moms Prayer Day 3: I pray that we don’t let the busyness of the day distract us from praying the Word over our sons.  I pray that God opens our eyes to teachable moments and that He helps us to praise our sons for the wise choices they make.  I also pray that WE make wise choices and are good examples to our boys.

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