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James Chapter 3


James Chapter 3 and Challenge #3

Oh! Over and over when I read God’s Word, He shines a light on the things that need to be changed in me!!  This chapter was glaring!  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have put my foot in my mouth…and man, it doesn’t taste good!

  • James starts off by talking about teachers, mainly teachers of the Word.They will be judged more strictly because:

Words can do much harm, especially from someone who is unqualified.  This is why I feel that you should always line up what you are taught by ANYONE with what the Word of God says.  This is another reason that its so important to be in the Word!!

  • The tongue is very powerful!

A controlled tongue can overcome great obstacles.  It can affect great change.

However, uncontrolled, it has incredible destructive power.

We can’t control it on our own.  We need the help of the Holy Spirit!!!  In Him we have that power, but are we using it?

* Good memory verse.  James 3:10 says, “1Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.”

This verse reminds me of the question, “would you kiss your momma with that mouth?”  It’s so easy to go to church and praise God and then turn around and talk poorly about His children!  We need the Holy Spirit to help us use our powerful tongue to help build each other up, to show love to Him and to each other!

By learning to control our tongues, we can take the steps needed to become more mature!

  • People may sound wise, but you can recognize a wise person by their actions.

by ones good life

deeds done in humility


loving peace

placing ones tongue under God’s control

*where there is a lack of wisdom, you will see disorder and evil practice.

*This is a good guide to make sure the people you look to are wise!  When making decisions, it is good to seek wise counsel.  Make sure that it is wise counsel, and that you are not seeking someone that will tell you what you want to hear!!

Challenge #3  Ask God to help us tame our tongues.  Pray before speaking and share with us your experience.  Was there a time this week when you were tempted to gossip, speak ill of someone,  speak your mind no matter who would get hurt?  We are challenged here to discipline our speaking and to change our speech habits.  We can do it with His help!!

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