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Still the Best, Even if….


Another installment of “Wisdom with Rylan” :).

After picking up the boys from school the other day, we started to take a different route home, so they got suspicious. They soon caught on to my scheme…that I was taking them to the park. Rylan asked, “are you taking us to the park? You would be the best mom ever if you did!”. Then he thought about what he had said for a minute and then added, “but you’d still be the best mom ever, even if you didn’t.” I giggled to myself and asked him why that would be so. He told me I would still be the best mom because of all the great things I had taken them to do and had done for them already.

This got me thinking. This is the attitude we need to have about God…even in the hard times, especially in the hard times. Even when we don’t get what we want or things to go the way we think they should, we need to recognize that He is good! He is the best father ever! Even if He never did another thing for me in my life, I need to realize, it would be enough! Look at what He has already done! First and foremost, He has given me a relationship with Him and the free gift of eternal life, even though I didn’t deserve it. He didn’t stop there! He gave me a wonderful husband and partner in life, even though I all too many times take him for granted. And He kept going! He gave me 3 AMAZING boys to raise and a circle of friends, sisters in Christ, to support and encourage me. And He has given me the opportunity and blessing to serve Him with my life. Even if He doesn’t do another good thing for me until the day I die (which He will, after all, He gives me every breath I take), He will still be the greatest daddy in the world!

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