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Carnival Mirrors???


****I’ve made revisions to this blog post. I am excited about how God has moved even more since the original post!!

Don’t you just love when you’re going along, minding your own business and BAM!  God really gets your attention???

Well, that happened to me last week and I am just so excited to tell you what I learned!

First let me back up….God has been stirring in me the passion for His Word…not just reading it, but putting it in to action!  You know, you’ve heard me talk and talk about it.  The more I seek Him, the more I find Him and I want that for us all!

Last Sunday I was preparing what I was going to say to all of my volunteers.  (yes, I know they aren’t technically my volunteers…they are God’s volunteers, but that is what I call them…the volunteers I get the pleasure of leading! :)  I had a hundred things in my head from the conference.  Good things.  But God trashed all those ideas in an instant.  I was getting ready and looking in my mirror.  Let’s just say, I didn’t like what I saw too much so I turned to look in my full length mirror.  This I liked much better!  This mirror makes you look GOOD!  It seriously melts away at least 10-15 lbs!  You would think this mirror would be your friend, right?  Um no!  Because no matter how long I stare into it, it doesn’t change the way I really look!  I got to thinking that this is how we evaluate our lives sometimes.  We compare ourselves to the world or to those who are complacent, and we come out looking good….but when we look in the truth telling mirror, are we really reflecting Christ?  Do we see what we need to be and make changes to get there??
So I listened, and talked to the volunteers about this.
Not 5 minutes later, a volunteer (who had missed devo that morning), brought me a gift. And GUESS what it was?  The cutest little compact mirror!  CRAZY!  I know she has no idea how special that is to me.  It’s not just something that can tell me if I have food in my teeth or if my lipstick is on crooked…its a reminder that God still speaks!  And He made that abundantly clear!!  If that wasn’t enough, I was listening to a sermon on podcast by Perry Noble on the way home from church.  He was talking about how God’s Word is like a mirror that we need to look into to see if we need to make changes!

HELLO God!  I’m listening!  So I really started praying, as I have been, about changes that need to be made in me and through me.  I looked up the verse Perry Noble was talking about and it was in James.  I read the whole book (only 5 chapters) and then I read it again…and again…and again.  Everything God has been trying to tell me is in the pages of that book!  Please know I don’t feel God is sharing this information just so I can have it…I really believe He wants me to share it with those I am connected to.
So I had NO doubt that my small group needed to study James…all that was left was the timing.  I continued to pray about that because even if He is calling us to study James, if it is the wrong timing, it won’t be in His will.
So I read the study notes, questions, read it again and prayed.  I really feel like He is saying “do it now”.  So in the middle of studying the book of Jeremiah, we switched our study to the book of James.  I also felt like God was asking me to share it with my, ok His ;), volunteers at church.

(side note: after I had decided all of this, I heard yet another sermon, this time by Mark Driscoll, where he was talking about reflecting God to others like a mirror!!)

So in my ladies group, we are getting deep into James with the help of study questions from the Serendipity Bible. And with my awesome volunteers, we are reading a chapter a week and discussing it on Sunday.  Everyone is going to take a challenge a week to help us put the Word into action.

JOIN US!!!  I will be posting a blog a week with take aways from James and the weeks challenge.  Please do it with us and leave comments as to how you are completing the challenge!

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