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Oklahoma….more than just OK!


Our vacationless summer finally got a vacation!  Angie invited us to ride back with her to Tulsa and we jumped at the chance!  We had so much fun!  Angie really went out of her way to show us a good time when we were there.  I am so grateful!  We may have to make this an annual trip!


On the way to Tulsa, we stopped in Norman to reminisce a little and show the boys where I grew up.

We ate at my dad's favorite restaurant, The Service Station

We drove by my old Elementary School (it still looked the same) and the house I grew up in.  My parents had planted a tree for each of us when we were little.  They are HUGE now!!

Next we headed to the duck pond where we spent a lot of time as kids!  My dad even made duck costumes for me and Ginger once and took us there to feed the ducks….ha!

From there we went to Classic 50’s and got yummy slushies with big straws so we could suck up the candy they put in the bottom!  My “antifreeze” was oh so good!


Then we were off to show the boys the campus!

We then headed to Donut King to grab breakfast for the next day and we were off to Tulsa.  We stopped at Angie’s moms to grab Hannah and Will.  There we did one of my favorite things….caught lightening bugs!  It was so much fun!

DAY TWO: B-day party and touring Tulsa

Sunday we got up and headed for the Park for a birthday party.  It was so nice to be able to play outside without dying of heat (that would only last a couple of days).  Angie then showed us around and we visited where she went to school and stopped by her dad’s house.   We had to stop at the only the best gas station ever (besides Buc-ees)….Quick Trip!  They have a soda/slushy bar the size of Texas!  Caden wanted a water and ended up with a 44 oz slush!  Then it was all downhill…we all got 44 oz drinks….I want QT’s in Texas!!

Are you starting to see a theme here?  It seems our whole trip revolved around food and drink…gotta love the slushies and sodas!!!

The next day is when all the fun began!!


It was a day brought to you by the letter M!  Mazzio’s and Muskogee!  Mazzio’s is my favorite pizza!!  I love it and you can’t visit Oklahoma without hitting the Mazzio’s buffet.  We tore it up!

Be afraid.....

I don't think they were missing us when we left!

With full bellies and smiles on our faces, we headed to the water park. I have to say, this is my favorite little water park I have ever been to!!  First of all, we were practically the only ones there!  Secondly, they had GREAT slides that the kids loved and so did the moms!  We were taking turns racing each other down.  The covered slide was pitch black and the open slide threw you up the sides…it was a blast!  And last, but not least, they had a GREAT lazy river.  It was big and went the perfect speed.  I can not wait to go back!!

Boston LOVED it!

Floating the lazy river

Notice the lack of pictures of Caden?  He was having so much fun, he wouldn’t slow down for 2 seconds..I couldn’t catch him!

The whole clan.

We just HAD to finish the day off with a trip to my second favorite Oklahoma place…Braums!

um yeah...they now dip their cones!

That was one perfect day!


Tuesday we headed to OKC.  We ate lunch at City Bites, a sandwich shop I loved as a kid, mainly because the bathrooms had 2 way mirrors :), then we went to the zoo.  It was surprisingly not busy and by surprisingly,  I mean, completely not surprising!  That is because it was 10,000 degrees outside!  It became a quick game to peek at the animals as we ran to the next spray fountain!

I don’t think I can really explain to you the pure joy I felt when we went to dinner that night….at POPS!!!  Man, it’s a good thing that I don’t live in OKC or I would be in trouble!  I am still trying to track down some blackberry syrup so I can try to recreate the yumminess that is the BLACKBERRY COKE…quite possibly my favorite treat on the planet now!

Caden had his first soda!  It was a white chocolate rootbeer.  But, he much prefered my blackberry coke!

Here is the time progression of Boston acquiring a drink:

"You see that blackberry coke? It's mine!" "Oh, it's not mine? :(" Well, I'll just take it when no one is looking!" "Bwahahaha! Success!" "It's mine all mine!!" "You want some?"

It would be hard to top that!!!


The next day started with Boston jamming to some tunes as we got ready :)

We had a blast riding the "rapids" of the creek!

A little boy found this rock in the shape on Oklahoma!

Caden enjoyed skipping rocks, just as I did as a kid.

All of the kiddos...don't they look cold??We ended the wonderful day with ice cream before dinner from the Dairy something…and then picked up another Mazzio’s pizza!  yum!


It was another hot one, but we headed out to Woolaroc to see the Native American artifacts, the mountain man camp, etc.

The plan was to head out to see the play “Oklahoma” at an outdoor theatre.  However, the weather was looking as OK weather sometimes does…so after a quick dinner at Legends BBQ, we headed home for Donut Wars…dun dun dun!!!  So what do you get when you mix 4 kids, 1 helper, 3 judges, a secret ingredient and the rule to create 5 original donuts per team?  YUMMY GOODNESS!!!

the players! (and the secret ingredient!)

the judges!...yeah people, it ain't pretty!

the results...or should I say the aftermath?

One team won for presentation and the other for taste.  Poor will didn’t make it for the results…he was wiped!!

Well, that was over at about 2am.  The next day, we drove through OKC to get a blackberry coke from Pops, and then headed to Dallas to meet Aaron.

There, we spent the night, ate lunch at the galleria, had Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert, and tried to see Despicable Me (they were sold out!).  We got home at 11pm Saturday night.  And then were off on our next adventure…….

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