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Boston Tea Party…or is that Boston’s tea party??


This year the 4th of July was more special to me that it has ever been.  That is because for over a month before the 4th, the boys and I started studying the history of the Revolutionary War.  We had a blast!  It all started when we stumbled upon the series “Liberty’s Kids” on Netflix.  We quickly watched all 40 episodes.  We really enjoyed the way the series made history come alive!  This made us all want to learn more so we each checked out books from the library that had stories set during the Revolution.  We borrowed a couple of CD’s to listen to in the car as well.

On the 3rd of July, we decided to have a Boston Tea Party to remember one of the events that helped to start the Revolution.  We made tri-cornered hats, got a big bowl full of hot water and filled a toy boat with bags of tea.  Then the boys dumped the tea into “the harbor”.  They got a kick out of chanting “the tea’s in the harbor, the tea’s in the harbor” a quote from one of the CD’s we listened to.  Caden also protested “taxation without representation”!

I love that this experience awakened a love for history in the kids, as well as in me!

Boston couldn't miss all the fun!

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