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Love on a Dime by: Cara Lynn James


I recently read Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James to review for Thomas Nelson Publishing (

Summary: Lilly and Jackson were in love when he leaves without explanation.  Lilly spends the next several years trying to move on with her life….the one she is keeping a secret from her family and friends, a life a a dime novelist.  Lilly feels ok about keeping her secret—after all,  by writing her books, she is enlightening working class girls and honoring God by using her talents for His glory.  It is now 1899 and 6 years after leaving, Jackson reappears in her life to pursue her romantically and to purchase the publishing company of her books.  This could reveal her secret, something that could bring shame on her wealthy family.  However a bigger threat is lurking….someone is trying to blackmail Lilly.  A gossip columnist is threatening to expose her true identity.  Will she be exposed?  Will she and Jackson get back together?

This book was a fast and easy read.  As much as I wanted to put it down, I couldn’t.  Despite the fact that Lily and Jack go back and forth and back and forth, and back (you get the picture), between loving each other and being angry with one another, it is a cute story of love between two people, love for God and using your gifts and talents for His Kingdom.  I love period pieces, so that is another thing that drew me in.

I would recommend this book to those who like a good feel-good Christian fiction novel.  And I’m sure I will pick up the sequel when it comes out…I’m a sucker for a series :).

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