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Plan B By: Pete Wilson


What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would???

Warning…this review is kind of long (but I think worth the read).  If you want the short version….AWESOME BOOK-READ IT!

I think this an important question to ponder…hopefully before we go through a trial (as we all will someday).  This is the best book I have read in a long time!  It’s a game changer.  It is very well written and you can hear Pete’s authenticity coming through it’s pages.  Most of all, it is true.  Sometimes it is hard to hear God’s voice or see His purpose in our painful situations, but that is when we can claim the promise said to us so many times in scripture, “I am with you”.  Pete also reminds us that we can be transformed through our tragedy.  These are my favorite quotes from his book, as they are things that I have been reflecting on lately:

“My greatest fear for my life and for yours is that we’ll just get busy and distracted and settle for a mediocre, unexamined life.  It’s that we’ll just settle into life as usual and never become the persons God intended for us to be.”

“I think we’re all aware that there’s a gap between who we are today and who God created us to be.  I believe this gap will always exist this side of heaven.  But here’s the question we all need to be asking ourselves: “Is the gap closing? Is it narrowing, or am I stalled?”

And nothing, as he says, “causes me to pause and examine myself  like a crisis.”  That is not an easy thing to admit.  No one asks for Plan B’s, but that doesn’t mean that God can’t use them to change us and to help others.  As Pete points out, the way we respond to these situations makes all the difference.

In the book, Pete doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.  He just communicates God’s love and compassion to his readers in a way that sinks in!  I would recommend this book to everyone who has been through a crisis, is in one, or who will someday go through one…so, everyone.  I already told everyone I came into contact with at church yesterday about it and told them they should read it…so close to 100 people (and I’m not at all exaggerating) That is how much I love this book!

Maybe I am biased (although I don’t think I am).  Why is that you ask?  Because I know Pete Wilson….OK, I don’t know him, but I feel as if I do!  I think that most people that have spent even 2 minutes with him feel the same way.  That is because he is seriously one of the most authentic, kind, real (is that redundant?), accessible men of God I have come into contact with.  You see, somehow my husband and Pete started following each others blogs.  It just so happened that some time later, we were going to be driving through Nashville on a Sunday and Aaron told Pete through Twitter or something that we’d be visiting his church, Crosspoint Community Church.  Pete made it a point to have someone show us around the campus and meet with us before and after the service.  He also is always sharing his heart, even if he is sharing his struggles on his blog, Without Wax.  He is active on Facebook and Twitter and makes it a point to interact with those who leave comments for him.  Also, we got several comments from people from his church letting us know they were praying for us when the hurricane came through a year and a half ago.  He leads a church of Christ lovers…this is apparent by the letter our oldest son received in the mail shortly after our visit to his church from the Kidz World Church class Caden attended!  We also listen to his podcasts all the time.  I laughed as I could actually “hear” his voice as I was reading the first part of his book…haha!

Now, as much as I admire his dedication to the Lord and his effort to build unity in the Body of Christ, I still don’t think I would say his book was great if it wasn’t….that wouldn’t be doing him any favors (hence why I think I am not being biased :)  I just really think it is great!  So I highly recommend that you purchase and read his book….then pass it on to someone who needs to hear it’s message!

Also, please say some prayers for Pete and his church family.  As I write this blog post, there is terrible flooding in the Nashville area.  Some members and staff members of Crosspoint have lost their homes.  Thanks so much!

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