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A couple of weeks ago, I got home from church and called the boys over.  I was giggling and told them to look at the socks I had worn to church.  They both started laughing and then showed me their socks.  None of them matched!  The fact that I sooooo didn’t have it together enough to have matching socks for any of us makes my earlier blogpost, Oh, Get Real even funnier (the fact that ANYONE would think I have all my ducks in a row)!  The kids loved it so much that we continued to wear mismatched socks at least once a week until we started wearing shorts!

All of this got me thinking about being mismatched.  As Christians, we are mismatched here in the world.  We are in it, not of it.  So, that begs the question…am I different?  Is it obvious…like my socks in the picture?  Or…in contrast, am I almost blending in like Caden’s on the far left?

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