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Strawberries and Ostriches and Camels, Oh My!


Field trip Thu-Friday

Strawberries and safari’s……you might not think these 2 things go together….but I beg to differ!  Mix them together with children, good friends and a picnic and you get one memorable day.  Last week, because of a meeting I had on Friday, we swapped our at home school work day to Friday and went on our field trip on Thursday.  No matter the day, we had an amazing time.  You probably get tired of me saying that…but I can’t help it, we have fun!  Here is a snapshot of our day:

First, we went strawberry picking.  They had more than we could imagine.  It was fun!  We ended up with 5 lbs that we later sliced and froze to make smoothies and shakes!

Jade and Rylan....Priceless

Score! It started raining just as we were done!

We had a short picnic, then it was off to see the animals.  Right as we pulled into the gates, an ostrich started to walk up to the car.  I rolled my window down to take a picture and it came up too quickly.  I tried to roll the window up and it took forever…meanwhile, the ostrich was getting closer and closer.  I rolled it up just as it touched my window.  I might have nightmares about that for a while…ha!

We had to wait a while for the safari, so we found other things to do.  We ran into this friend on the way to the petting zoo-

Little baby! So cute!

Jhett was not too sure about the goats :)

Pony rides!

Next it was time for the safari!  Look at some of the animals we saw!

My favorite…the Eland

These were interesting. This donkey was said to be the breed that carried Jesus and Mary. There is a cross on his back. This sheep is called a Jacob's sheep bc of the the dealings of Jacob and his Father-in-law, Laban. It has 4 horns!

Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without ice cream!  A trip to Dairy Queen on the way home finished the day off perfectly!

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