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To Infinity and Beyond….


Field Trip Friday

We have a friend that works for NASA and he graciously offered to take time out of his day to give us an amazing “behind the scenes” tour.  It was a once in a lifetime experience no doubt!  We had a blast (ha!)!

I was so excited because this trip came right when Caden was doing a space unit at school.  For homework, the his class had to watch a video about how astronauts do certain things in space.  They talked about how they used the bathroom.  So of course, when given the opportunity, I had to take pictures here…though the boys might be extremely embarrassed sometime in the near future :).  But who are we kidding?  I have a house full of boys…so is this a surprise???

It is sooo funny.  The astronauts have to sit on the toilet and watch the TV to see if any light is shining through to train themselves how to go in space.  What?  it’s kind of an important thing!

Here the boys are in an actual simulator where the astronauts train!  They are checking their lists and Rylan is calling Mission Control :)  While we were in the simulator, we could see a simulated launch pad out the front and the rear of the shuttle out the back…and the sun.  It was so neat!

Mission Control for the Space Shuttle

Mission Control for the International Space Station

At the old Mission Control....moon landing, Challenger, etc.

Lots of history in this room!

Caden's favorite thing...the flag that flew to the moon!

After the tour we went to the space center and the kiddos had some more fun….but I can’t tell you how awesome the tour was…thanks Aaron F!!!!

Of course...Star Wars!

Not too sure of the bed of nails.

Walking across 2 buildings....:) Well...pretending.

Ry worked hard to build moves :)

Hehe :)

An incredible day!

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