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The Word of Promise New Testament


I recently listened to The Word of Promise New Testament.  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical before I started.  I was scared that it would be too dramatic, taking away from the actual words.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very well done.  It was dramatic when it needed to be, and just well read the rest of the time although I never felt like I was being read to.  To me it reminded me of Focus on the Family’s Chronicles of Narnia.  I looked forward to listening to it every time I got in the car.  I did have to giggle when they gave the sound effect for John the Baptist getting beheaded.  (no it is not funny that it happened, just not something I was expecting!)  I felt at times the voices weren’t the best for the situation (I don’t feel John the Baptist’s voice was as powerful as I pictured it to be and sometimes it was the same with “Jesus”).  However, can anyone really capture Jesus perfectly?  No!

I would highly recommend this set of CD’s to anyone who would like to go through the New Testament, whether you’ve read it before or not.  I learned a lot while listening even though I’ve read the content several times.  I think sometimes to read something and hear it, it sinks in better.  Plus, I have not read the NKJV yet.  I really enjoyed it and am still keeping it in my car so I can listen to it again!

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