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Paw Prints that lead to the Empty Tomb


This Easter was officially the best Easter of my life.  God overwhelmed me with His presence!  I’d love to share a glimpse of the celebration at our house:

I’ll start with the Scavenger Hunt that the Easter bunny does each year for the boys.

They get clues to hunt eggs, candy and toys.

If you haven’t caught on, the letter is in rhyme.

The true meaning of Easter—-worth all of the time:)

Caden, Rylan, and Boston,

Good morning boys
Happy Easter again
I can’t believe it’s been a year,
it’s now 2010.

It seems like just yesterday
you had a new baby brother,
the years go by so fast,
one right after another.

You’re growing much bigger
and wiser, it’s true,
more and more people are able
to see Jesus in you!

That is the best thing anyone
could ever say of us
that means we’re obedient
and following God’s purpose!

Now I hope you can remember
why I come to see you
a day before Easter,
not what others are used to.

Your mommy loves you more
than you will ever know
and longs to be with you
wherever you go.

But on these special days,
God calls her to be
at church so she can help
those who are blind to see.

You see, God calls
each of us to do His will,
to help others meet Jesus,
each using our skill.

Each of you have special gifts,
unique talents from above
God uses them all
to share His great love!

After all, without Him
there would be no Easter holiday,
and for all of our mistakes
we would have to pay.

Because no matter how “good” we are,
we could never be
perfect and to be with God,
that is what we would need.

So God sent Jesus
to pay the price for you and me
and because He died and rose,
we can live eternally.

So remember to give Him
your best everyday
because of your gratitude
for the price that He paid.

I always have to remind you,
it’s about Him and not me,
focus on Jesus today
as you celebrate happily.

Now it’s time to find your present,
can you do it?  We’ll see.
Each of you has clues
numbering 3

Remember those gifts I talked
about before?
You’ll use them to find your
present and more!

Caden, since you have such
a good memory….
see if you can remember
these clues easily

First go to the place where you’d
find a treat (pantry)
Then to the place where
there are people to greet. (front door)

Next find the place
where your brother did sleep (co-sleeper)
you’ll find your gift
to enjoy and keep.

Rylan, since you find beauty
in all that God made,
by things you say are beautiful
is where your clues will be laid.

One is by someone
who you always compliment (mommy…isn’t he sweet?)
Two is by something
that grows but is bent (yeah, the herbs we are growing)

Three is by something
where I find true beauty
it’s an image of you,
you 5 year old cutie! (a mirror)

Boston, your gift is cuteness,
I think we all would agree,
your gift’s in your basket
Happy Easter from me!

I’ll see you next year,
be good, don’t forget
to give praise to the One
who erased all our debts.

The Easter Bunny

In case you missed the last 2 years letters… here the link.

A microscope that can be hooked up to the TV!

The bird sound book Rylan has been eying at 1/2 priced books for weeks!

B with his boat

First egg hunt

I love Caden's face in this one! He gets so excited! LOVE IT!

This year, even though it is really the busiest week of the year for me, we were very intentional and put everything aside several times and did different activities to focus on Jesus!

First, we made Resurrection cookies.  I loved doing them more than the kids I think!  Here is a link to them in case you want the recipe.

Next, we enjoyed doing Resurrection Eggs.  This year was the first time we did them all the way…reading all the scripture and and book.  It was so rewarding….especially for later when Aaron and I watched The Passion of the Christ. It just touched me so much to watch the movie recalling everything I had just read and reflected on!

Poor B is sitting in the background in his highchair in all the pics!

And of course…church!  I am in awe of all the amazing volunteers we had this Easter at church.  I was in tears all day Sunday to see the way He was shining through them and speaking to the hearts of so many people.  It was an honor just to be present!

Here are some pics of the kids at church.  As always happens at Easter, at least one of the boys was not wanting to be in the pic…but they are cute anyway!


The best part was at Easter dinner, Rylan was the first to pray and thanked God for Jesus dying on the cross and for rising again!

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  1. Jenna Brewer permalink
    04/06/2010 9:54 pm


    What a beautiful letter to your boys! I love it! And I love how you tied in the TRUE meaning of Easter with the current social traditions. I’m going to “steal” some of your ideas for next year! LOL!


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