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Let the Games Begin!


I realize this post is really late, as was the last one.  This is the 3rd installment of 3 parties in 3 weeks (starting with Caden’s birthday, then Boston’s, then this one).  We were supposed to have this one on the night of the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but had to postpone to the following Monday because I was SUPER sick.  Once again, Ang and I put our heads together and threw a party.  The kiddos each got to invite a friend.  I think we had just as much fun as the kids did!


Angie, Amber, and Kasen made homemade cupcakes and decorated them to look like the Olympic rings.

We had food representing several of the participating countries.  I made little flags for each country!  We had croissants for France, lingon berries for Sweden, kolaches for the Czech Republic, pita and humus for Greece, mini hotdogs for the USA, taquitos and salsa for Mexico, egg rolls for China, little pizzas for Italy, and fish sticks for Canada.  We also used batting to look like snow. :)

The first thing the kiddos did when they got there was decorate flags that they used right after for an opening ceremony.  We had them walk in and tell us the name of their country and march around with their flag.

Next, it was time for the torch relay and lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.  Each child had a torch and as they “lit” the next one’s torch, we flipped a little light on inside.

Then they all gathered around the cauldron and “lit” it.  As they put their torches up to it, Angie plugged it in and a light came on along with a fan to blow the streamers up to look like it was burning.  Don’t ask how many hours of planning and executing that little idea took :)  It was so worth it!  I think we should save it for the summer olympics!

Next the kids played ring toss with the Olympic rings.

Next was my favorite!  The kids stood on the podium and received their medals!

Lastly, the kids had fun playing winter olympic sports on the Wii.  It was a blast!  I can’t wait for the next Olympics!!!

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