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Aaron’s a Poet and I Didn’t Know It


While visiting family for our anniversary/Boston’s 1st B-day :), my mother-in-law pulled out a box of  keepsakes from when Aaron was younger.  It was so fun to look through it. It gave me a glimpse as to what Aaron was like as a child.  My favorite find in his box were original poems compliments of a 7th grade Aaron.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

This one is my favorite!!  A limerick:

There once was a man with an application

Who wanted to work at a gas station.

He worked one day

And got his pay.

Then he took a two week vacation.

Obviously he wrote this next one before he met me…haha.

I’m sick.

Not lay in the bed all day sick.

Not I have a major headache sick.

Not sick like a person in a hospital,

But just bored of everything sick.

Tired of those long, long days.

Hoping that something new and exciting will happen soon.

Sick that everyday is always the same.

I wish…..

I were a bird

Soaring through the sky

Looking down on all the earth

Leaving my worries behind.

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