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Oh Get Real!

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So far this new year I have been thinking and praying a lot about changes I need to make to be more Christlike and a better light for Him.  I’m not going to list the things made known to me right now in fear that you would give up reading the rest of the post because of the mere length of it.  I will share one with you now.  I feel like I need to be more real!

I believe that in our lives we all, and dare I say especially Christians, try to act like we have it all together.  We put up a good front to save face.  Those that really know me (or for that matter, any one who has EVER stepped foot in my house) KNOW that this is not me!…..But a conversation I had recently with someone from church made me realize that I came across to at least 1 person as someone who has all her ducks in a row.  (Please keep the rolling laughter to a minimum… I can hear you through the computer, plus you will give yourself a stitch!)

So, in the spirit of integrity and of being open, here is how it REALly is:

My house is a mess 85% of the time. (ok, 90%)

My kids sometimes fight with each other…and yes, sometimes with me!!

I sometimes (more than I’d like to admit)  lose my temper…even with those I love most!

I don’t pray as often as I should.

At times I care too much what others think of me (and have to remind myself that I only need to please 1 person…the One who made me)

Sometimes my husband gets on my nerves. Oh come on, admit it, yours does too!  I love him dearly (he is an amazing gift from God), but we are 2 selfish people living under 1 roof.  We love each other with a forever love and have vowed to make it work NO MATTER WHAT but alas, he still gets on my nerves sometimes :) Bigones babe!

(After letting Aaron preview this.  He says if I really want to get real, I would say that I get on his nerves sometimes too…and I do!)

Too many times I’m a terrible daughter, sister, friend, leader because I’m too busy “dealing” with my own problems/concerns to take the time to serve others.

More often than I’ll admit to if you confront me with this, I have melt downs about all I have to do/go through/deal with (I mean really…snap out of it already and realize how blessed you are Jennifer!)

Most of the time I have NO idea what I’m doing! (but God does.  And I let him guide me!)

I have and do make mistakes…BIG ones and small ones….but the good news is, by the grace of God, they are forgiven!  (And I strive every day to make fewer and smaller ones).

And drum roll please…..I know you couldn’t have missed it above….most of the time, I look like that!  AHHHH! No need to adjust your computer monitor…no it’s not a screen shot from the latest horror film..that’s me…the REAL me, mega flaws and all!

There is a side note here.  (read it really fast and it will be like the fine print) I am not happy with my flaws in areas of sin or those that affect my relationship with God or my ministry to others…those I am striving to change! I don’t think we should ever become comfortable or complacent in these things!  But as for the other things that just really don’t matter…..

You know, I’m ok with it…ok,ok,  I’m learning to be ok with it because afterall, if we had it all together, would we have a need to depend on God or those He has sent into our lives to support us?

What do you need to be real about?  Get it out…it feels good we can’t change if we don’t admit there is something that needs changing:)

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  1. 01/09/2010 9:07 pm

    Jennifer, you rock! I love your honesty. I could have written this myself and in some places where you addressed yourself, I feel it spoke specifically to me. (Since I am a Jennifer also of course) Thank you and keep up the bold blogging.

    • Jennifer permalink*
      01/09/2010 9:09 pm

      Thanks Jennifer! Getting ready to go read your blog now…didn’t know you had one!

  2. Lisa Thistlethwaite permalink
    01/10/2010 10:21 am

    Flaws and all I love you dearly!

    • Jennifer permalink*
      01/10/2010 3:54 pm

      Thank you! I love you too! I guess if we just loved each other when we were perfect it wouldn’t mean anything, right?

  3. Lisa Thistlethwaite permalink
    01/10/2010 10:22 am

    PS I LOVE the name of your blog!

    • Jennifer permalink*
      01/10/2010 3:54 pm

      Thanks! I’ve gotta give props to my husband on that one…he thought of it!

  4. 01/10/2010 9:28 pm

    I love that picture! You always look fabulous whenever I see you at church so its awesome to see the real you and you still look fabulous by the way! This is a great blog and it makes me want to write a variation of it also because I have many things that I could be real about but I’m often not. We’ll see, my blog has been a bit lonely since my pregnancy so it may just stay a thought.

    I agree with Jennifer, you do rock!

    • Jennifer permalink*
      01/10/2010 9:36 pm

      Thanks Kathy! Um fabulous…not so much! I do think I should have let Aaron zoom in a bit more. Scary I tell ya! Yeah, I have to confess that today I wasn’t so real…I wore not one, but 2 layers of spanx to church. Just couldn’t pull off the outfit without it…and yes I realized the problem with that! :)
      I would love to read your version of it! I have many I could have added…the Christmas stuff is still up at our house, I haven’t cut or colored my hair since May…and maybe worst of all I haven’t painted my toenails since I went into the hospital to have Boston…pathetic!


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