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Christianity in Crisis 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff


christianity in crisis

I recently (or should I say, over a period of months) read Hank Hanegraaff’s recent book Christianity in Crisis 21st Century.  It is a book in which Hanegraaff exposes the falsities of Prosperity or “Faith” teaching.  He points out many well known teachers of these practices and bring to light the trouble with their preachings (things that many overlook and may not know are contrary to what the Bible teaches). It is a book full of what seems to be well researched information.

Hanegraaff is very straightforward and direct in his beliefs.  He makes no attempt to make friends or sugar coat things.  While I believe in the importance of truth and not covering up fallacies that can be detrimental to the faith of many, I think he might lose readers because of his approach.  The length of the 427 page book might scare a few readers off as well.  I do believe that many things in this book are well worth reading, I just think it could have been done in quite a few less pages.

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