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A Fun Time with the Cousins!


For our birthdays (McKennah, my niece, turned 10 on September 8th, and Ginger, Abby and I all have ours on the 17th) we went to San Antonio for a little getaway…courtesy of my twin :)  We had a blast!  My b-in-law got us upgraded to “casitas” (little bungalows away from the main building) and each room got a golf cart to ride around the property on.  It was soooo much fun!!

The night before we met everyone at the resort, our family stayed one night on the riverwalk.  We had a blast!


Me and the boys on the River Walk


Hanging out at the hotel pool


Boston chillin at the pool

Is that Zack and Cody?

Is that Zack and Cody?

One of cool birds that lives at the hotel

One of the cool birds that lives at the hotel.


Ginger laughing at her bday card from poked fun at her failed attempt to do a back handspring in her old age :)


With the big 10 year old on our golf cart!


The bday girls :)

Oh how I would love to show you pics of me and the boys going down the slide together (Caden loved sitting on my lap and having me throw him when we got to the bottom)…but alas, I was in a swimsuit, so NO CAN DO!

Below are a few pics of a little area they had with bouncies and slip and slides.


Ginger is so going to kill me for posting this..but I can't help myself. She got stuck at the end of the slip and slide..hehe


Me and Ry racing down the bouncy slide


Proof that Aaron has fun :) He and Michael racing down the slip and slide


Me and Baby B

They had all kinds of fun activities for the kiddos.  Here are some pics of the balloon armor they had made for them.  They also got to decorate tote bags and journals.


Waiting in line for Smores
Waiting in line for smores
waterfall lightened

under the waterfall

boys in pool lightened

One of the activities for the kids was a little “show” of different animals.  They learned about them and also got to touch them.


a bearded dragon


wallaby :)



We got to do so many things!  We played cards together too…but Ginger totally wimped out and fell asleep early…she talks a big game but can’t hang..hehe:)

We got to spend some much needed time with Ginger and the family…my favorite part of all….that and watching her get stuck in the slip and slide :)

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