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Quotes from My House This Week



Funny Quote Friday

There is NEVER a dull moment in our house with my spirited 5 year old Rylan!  (I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

Here is just a sample of what has been heard by or to my 5 year old Rylan this week:

  • Mom to Rylan: Is that a booger on your finger (said more than once)?
  • Ry to dad when he turned off the Wii to watch football: “Man, that was harsh!”
  • Ry: Crush cups are a rip off because after you crush and slurp, you still have to use a spoon!”
  • When thinking of something that started with the letter M for school, he thought of  the money you could be saving with Geico….then he drew it.
  • Rylan after getting something right, “Yeah, I’m smart like that.”
  • Rylan after Caden got in trouble for something…”Oooooh, now who has the oooooohhhhh’s?”
  • After beating me and Caden (fairly) in alphabet concentration, he said, “man, I’m goooood!  I love myself!”
  • Ry through sobs to mom: “I wanted to get you a birthday present and now it’s too late.  Mom: “What did you want to get me?  Ry: A snuggie!  ….he then told Aaron that he needed to take him Walmart this week to get me something…so sweet!
  • Ry: Mommy, I love you more than you can ever believe! :)
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  1. 10/02/2009 7:56 pm

    Haha! He is funny….and too cute! Aren’t the girls gonna love him! : ) Miss ya!

  2. 10/02/2009 8:50 pm

    Fantastic! Those were awesome! I love funny kids, they crack me up. Ian is my funny one. But in our house, they are “animal” crush cups, not “danimals” crush cups! I love little boys, they are the best!

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