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Fearless by Max Lucado



Have you ever been afraid?

of not mattering?

of disappointing God?

of not protecting your kids? (a big one for me)

of worst case scenarios?

of violence?

of life’s final moments?

that God is not real?

If I’m honest with myself I have to say that I have answered “yes” to every one of those questions at one time in my life.  Max Lucado addresses every one of these fears in his new book “Fearless”.  We all have fears and he points to the only One that can give us a spirit of peace in every one of them.  He does a great job of using stories and more importantly, scripture, to address each fear.  The book has GREAT insight and is full of memorable quotes.  One of my favorites is “Courage is fear that has said its prayers”.

I highly encourage everyone to read this book!

What are you afraid of???

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  1. Taylor permalink
    09/12/2009 6:13 pm

    Hey…I was at one of his sermons at his church when he was preaching about this :)
    My mom’s friend that lives in San Antonio goes to his church, so we are there a lot! :)

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