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Leaving a Legacy

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me and mommy at gings wedding

Words for Wednesday

Monday, August 10, 2009 was the 10 year anniversary of my precious mom’s death.  There has been a hole in my heart since that day.  Even though she is gone, she still lives on in my heart and in my memorie.  She left an impression that can never be taken from me.  She helped shape me into the woman I am today.  I am so very sad my kiddos never got a chance to know her and her love!  I thought I would list 10 of my favorite things about her that left a mark on my life.

1. Her forgiving spirit.  She always gave people the benefit of the doubt and couldn’t bear to stay upset with anyone.

2. Her thoughtfulness.  When I lived away only 1 year at college (because it was 20 minutes from my house)  she mailed me 50 cards in the mail that year (I still have every one).

3. Her comforting arms.  Even in college when I was sad or couldn’t sleep, I would go get her out of her room in the middle of the night and she would lay in bed with me and hug me for the rest of the night….no matter how late it was or how early she had to get up the next morning.

4. Her generosity.  Every time she went to the store, she came home with something small for me…and Aaron as well.  She spoiled him rotten!  I always knew she was thinking of us.  Even when money was tight, my sister and I always had new clothes while she went without anything new for years.

5. She was caring.  She would listen to my troubles for as long as it took…she really listened and cared no matter how silly.  She was my best friend.

6. She was fun!  We always had so much fun together…we played games non stop….sometimes way into the night.  Even when other kids were going out in college, we spent most of our time hanging out with her.  In high school, our house was the house to hangout at.  And she was one of us.  (Some of the reason was our never ending pantry of junk food!)

7. She was supportive.  Everything that I did, she was involved.  When Aaron and I started dating, she went to every one of his baseball games…even those that were out of town.  She found what we were involved in and she got interested in it to meet us where we were.

8. She was trustworthy.  I shared everything with my mom.  I did this because I could trust her.  She was my safe place to fall.

9. She laughed.  I loved her laugh!  She did it often.

10. She loved.  I never once in my life doubted her love for me.  She gave all of herself to her family. She thought of us above herself.  She gave to us when she had nothing to give.  She is what I think of when I think of how love should be modeled.

I may have only had her for 21 years, but they were 21 years full of love and closeness.  I am forever grateful to God for every second she was here!

Are you leaving a legacy?

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  1. 08/14/2009 9:02 am

    I know I have never met your mom, but I know that she was a WONDERFUL woman and mother. I know that because of your sweet list and also of how you have turned out. I see a wonderful Godly character in you that is very rare. Your family is lucky to have you in their lives. I know that they have your mom to thank for that. :o)

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