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Are You Teachable Part 2


DSC07442Words For Wednesday

I want to follow up with the older Words for Wednesday I posted several weeks ago.  And this one is compliments of my 8 year old again.  Let me start off by saying that Caden is a sponge.  He LOVES to learn.  He dives into everything and absorbs it.  I love that about him!

One thing Caden studies a lot is the Bible.  When he makes bad choices, we look up verses about that choice (I need to do that for myself more often).  He reads it and it sits with him.  I can see the Holy Spirit working in him because he thinks about it for days.  He sees all around him how God is trying to teach him lessons that go with that verse.   He has told me on more than one occasion, “God did it again, He keeps reminding me to do/not do _____” …because of a song he heard or a message he heard at church.  I love it because he recognizes that God is speaking to him in situations everyday, reminding him of His Word.

Isn’t it funny how we hear the same message all around us…at church, on the radio, through a verse?  Is God trying to teach you something today?

Image by my hubby from his Costa Rica mission trip

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  1. 08/04/2009 11:29 pm

    This is so amazing to read your story. You only can pray that God will continue to guide and protect him. You need to play your part as well.

  2. 08/06/2009 4:04 pm

    Yes, that is definitely who I would pick for Ally’s future husband…

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