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You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your…



Friday, we went with Ang and all the kiddos to pick blackberries.  It was such a relaxing experience!  All the kids took their time trying to find the perfect ones.  We learned a lot!  The best blackberries are the ones with the biggest bubbles.  They are so fresh and tasty!  We all had to sample them as we picked.

We picked 4 lbs!..and later we made blackberry cobbler and blackberry ice cream with a recipe we got Monday from the Children’s Museum.  (posted below).  The kids really enjoyed getting to make goodies from the berries they picked themselves.  I have to say…the cobbler was awesome and the ice cream was the BEST I’ve ever had!!!  We are going back this week!  I can’t wait any longer to have more of that yummy ice cream!

Blackberry picking

All the kids loved picking blackberries! Rylan thought they were beautiful! :)

Blackberry picking1

The kids also got to feed the chickens that lived nearby. Some were so cute with crazy hairdos. Look at that big fluffy one!

Blackberry picking2

The kids measured out all the ingredients for the cobbler (a great math tool too), made their icecream in a baggie by shaking it, and then we all enjoyed it!! Of course I had to include a pic of Boston looking so cute while we cooked!

Click below for the…

Easy Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Click below for the…

Ice Cream “Shake” Recipe

To make it Blackberry Ice cream, we just brought 2 cups of blackberries to a low boil with 1/2 cup of sugar and simmered for 5 minutes.  After it cooled slightly, we pureed it in the blender.  After the ice cream was ready to make, we added 1 Tablespoon to each bag.


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