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The Children’s Museum


Monday, the boys and I went to the Children’s Museum with some friends.  It was a BLAST!!!  I don’t know who had more fun…. the kids or the adults.  I can say that we will be going back SOON!

Children's MuseumCaden

Caden had a great time making cars out of legos and testing them out on the Test Track.  He LOVES to make paper airplanes so the Launch Cage was perfect for him!  You got to make your own paper airplanes or rockets and then launch them.  His rocket went so high it hit the target..yea!  We all had fun doing the missions at the Cyberchase exhibit.  That is one of his favorite shows and I love it because it teaches kids all about math!  His favorite thing, though, was the town just for kids.  They got to have jobs (he’s a weatherman above), get paychecks, deposit them in the atm and withdraw money as well.  The cool thing is the cards they use keep track of it all and you can use them every time you go!

Children's MuseumRylan

Rylan had so much fun!  He worked as a chef in the Diner (of course, since he LOVES food network, especially Rachel Ray), got to go grocery shopping, played with boats and learned how water flowed, made waves, got to lift himself on a pulley chair, and took a picture next to his favorite Cyberchase characters.  His favorite thing, though, was making a little contraption to fly in the wind tunnel.  He has been wanting to “explore” wind and put his findings in his journal like Sid the Science Kid.  I actually just bought him a little echoing microphone so he could be like him. :)

Children's MuseumBoston

Boston and I had a great time too!  He sat so good and looked as cute as ever and I LOVED every second of seeing my kiddos have fun!

I had to include a picture from the parking lot of Target.  After being gone all day (we got the about 30 minutes after the museum opened and stayed until they closed), Angie and I decided to go to Target.  We didn’t leave there until 9pm.  I was carrying Boston and pushing his stroller so I asked Caden to push the cart.  We made it back out to the car and loaded all 6 kids in and I realized  I had no bags to load.  Caden had taken the cart and returned it where it belonged in the store…with my $50 worth of groceries in it!!  We all had a good laugh at me running back into the store..haha!

We had such a good time…can you tell?

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