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A Wonderful Day!



This post is waaaayyyy late, but better late than never, right?

Mother’s Day is always bittersweet.  I miss my mom like crazy, but I’m incredibly blessed to be the mom of 3 amazing boys!    Aaron was out of town for a wedding on Saturday and didn’t get home until late morning Sunday, so I wasn’t expecting anything in the morning.  However, I was awakened by my wonderful boys who had gotten up early all on their own to make me breakfast.  They got me a cup of orange juice, a brownie, and made me cinnamon toast.  How incredibly thoughtful!  They are such special boys!

Then, at church, we were meeting for prayer and Aaron walked in with a dozen beautiful roses.   Afterwards, we went for a late lunch to PF Changs.


A day with my boys….I am SO BLESSED!!!!

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  1. 05/28/2009 8:08 am

    Happy Mother’s Day! Sounds like a wonderful day.

    That middle one is pretty cute…. I do good work! ;)

    Wanna meet for lunch soon?

    • Jennifer permalink*
      05/28/2009 10:39 am

      Yes! You certainly do good work :) I SOOOOO want to meet for lunch! I can pretty much do any day but Wednesdays. That’s when I have my meetings at church. Ooooohh I can’t wait!

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