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The Storm



The other night it stormed quite badly at our house.  For a while there was a threat of a tornado coming our way.  We all gathered in the hall outside of the laundry room in case we needed to go in for shelter.  (I’ve realized it’s not like Oklahoma here where we had sirens to warn us when there was a tornado close…here, you just sit and listen).  Caden was a little scared, but Rylan seemed very relaxed.  Later,  he started singing “Oh no, You never let go, through the calm and through the storm…”.  He told me the tornado made him think of that song.   What a blessing that he can call to memory something to remind him that God is always with him!   Oh, the blessing of  a childlike faith!

Lord, thank you for children and the way you love them so much!  Thank you for their example…the way they believe authentically!  Please help me and those reading this to have more of a childlike faith.

image by carvaka

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