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Easter a Day Early


I love being in ministry!  However, sometimes the holidays can get tricky.  On Christmas and Easter, I am at church so much that we have to get creative to celebrate together as a family.  Luckily, Santa and the Easter Bunny go along with our ideas.  If you too are in ministry and need ideas, feel free to use this little game below that the Easter Bunny brought last year, you’ll just have to pay me a huge amount of money for royalties..just kidding ..hehe.


Here it is…the boys had their easter baskets out with a little candy and one egg a piece in it..with the original clue.  The rest of the eggs with clues were hidden and also, the other colored eggs (not blue or green filled with candy or money were hidden too to look for after the scavenger hunt.

Here is what the letter said:

Good morning, Happy Easter
from you know who
What? Can this happen?
Yes it really is true!

Today is Saturday,
not Sunday you say?
Why celebrate now?
Easter is 1 day away!

Well…I know your mommy serves God for her job
And early Sunday to work she must be
And I know how important it is
to spend Easter together as a family

So get ready, on you mark
Get set, Let’s Go
Look left and look right
All around, high and low

For your presents are hidden
in a secret place
The clues will lead you there
Find each egg in its space

Caden, your eggs are green
And Rylan, yours are blue
Each color egg
Holds clues just for you

Each boy has eggs
numbering 3
Follow all the clues
And your present you’ll see

But wait!  Before you start
There’s something I don’t want you to forget
If you thought Easter was about me
It’d be something I’d regret

No, it’s all about Him
The One who died on the cross
Who gave His life for YOU
Whom without, you’d be lost

He died so the punishment for our sins
would go away
But in the dark grave
He didn’t stay

No, He rose again
that 1st Easter Day
He proved He was our Savior,
The Truth, the Life and The Way

So today and everyday is about Him
Don’t you see?……
Because Jesus died
We can live Eternally!!

So go play your game,
enjoy your presents, have fun
But remember we owe it all to Him,
God’s precious 1 and only Son!

The Easter Bunny

Then Caden did his clues: (answers in parentheses…not written on clue.)
Initial clue:
Homework, homework all the time
you’ll find clue 1 where your nose is to the grind. (desk)

1.Peanut butter is my favorite treat
go to the place where you’ll get it to eat. (pantry)

2.Webkinz, Legos, PBSkids
Go to where you spend hours on end. (computer)

3.Cookies, cookies, yummy yummy
Go to where they are baked to fill your tummy. (oven..present was there)

Then it was Ry’s turn
Initial: You love to roll, you love to rock
Clue 1 is where you do it ’round the clock (drums)

1. Dora, backyardigans, word world too
go where you see them to find clue 2 (tv)

2.  You’re a big boy now, if you want clue 3
Just go to place where you go pee pee (on back of toilet)

3. “Just give me my present” Im sure by now you have cried
you’ll find it where Titan most likes to hide (behind chair)

Then, on Ry’s present was this little poem:

Now go, look around
there are more eggs to find
candy and surprises
in eggs colored of every kind

Now, each gets 14 that are light in weight
and 2 each that are heavier, isn’t that great?
Be sweet, don’t take more that I say
And have a very special Resurrection Day!

EASTER 2009:

This year there had to be a sequel….let’s hope that it was better (or at least equal)!  I can’t stop rhyming, somebody HELP, if you don’t I’ll be forced to let out a…scream (haha, you thought I’d say Yelp)

Hello, how are you?
How have you been?
Yes, it is me,
I’ve come to visit again.

I’m one day early
as I was last year
but I’ve brought your presents
please have no fear!

The reason I’m early
I hope you recall,
tomorrow Mommy has to work
because she answered God’s call.

Time has flown by
a year has already passed.
365 days
since I talked to you last.

You now have a baby brother,
the best gift of all…
God’s biggest blessing
in a package so small.

With one more boy
the presents now number 3.
Will you be able to find them?
We’ll have to wait and see.

To find your gifts,
again we’ll play a game
but this years clues
are not the same.

Each clue is a riddle
like on your favorite show
so put on your thinking caps
it’s about time to say “GO”!

Caden your clue is in green
Rylan, yours is in blue
figure them out
and you’ll know where to go to

But before we start
you need to recognize
that God has already given us
the worlds best prize.

It’s Jesus, God’s son,
in whose name you pray,
and through His death on the cross
our sins are washed away.

We couldn’t do it ourselves
so Jesus had to make a way
Because he rose again,
We can go to heaven someday.

So focus on Him
and what He did for you today
He deserves your praise on Easter
and every other day.

A lot has changed in this year
but the message is still the same,
we are the ones who sin
but Jesus took the blame.

Now it’s time to play,
go have your fun.
Just remember to celebrate Him,
God’s One and only Son.


The Easter Bunny

The boys clues were little pictures that were riddles (like on the side of the Mason Jar restaurants).


A balloon Caden made and hung up while I was at church last says it all!

A balloon Caden made and hung up while I was at church last says it all!

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  1. 04/11/2009 9:44 pm

    I was going to make this comment rhyme, but I’m not a master-rhymer like you

    thanks so much for making this Easter and every holiday so awesome for our boys!

  2. 04/17/2009 11:29 am

    WOW! I’m blown away! The message of Easter won’t be lost on your family – that’s awesome. There’s such creativity and innovation here. Given your Easter week (which I can imagine to be nothing less than crazy-busy), you have the added responsibility of three boys, this is very impressive!


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