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These next couple of posts are going to be a bit “backlogged” (or really back-blogged:)  These are things that I really wanted to post about, but didn’t have my blog up and running yet.



I was contemplating the joys of pregnancy when I took my first shopping trip, alone, to Target after 7 weeks of bedrest.  I was incredibly anxious to meet this new little miracle and to find out if it was a boy or girl.  I was walking circles around the store hoping it would send me into labor…then it hit me that pregnancy is one of the greatest times of anticipation in someones life.  What a blessing to have this time of wonder when we get to dream and fantasize about so many things…when will my baby come?  what will he/she look like?  act like?  In an age when we get everything so quickly and desire instant gratification, it’s nice to be made to wait a little bit for something…especially something so amazing!  So I took the time to thank God for the gift of waiting on my precious one!  Good thing too…because he was 2 days late in coming!

Lord, thank You for the gift of pregnancy.  What an amazing gift it is…that every stage of development is perfectly planned by you.  Thank you for the wait and the anticipation.  I pray for every woman reading this that is expecting, that she have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery..that she enjoy this time of waiting and choose to thank you for it.  And also for those that are waiting to become pregnant…that you bless them with a child and that they feel your love and strength in the meantime.  I praise you for being the One and only Creator of life!

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  1. kimmy0808 permalink
    05/18/2010 7:12 pm

    great post

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