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My First Blog Post!

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I’ve been putting this off. The task is a little daunting…my first post. I should probably say something witty and memorable…any suggestions?

Two things you should know about me…I love God and I love my family. However, sometimes, more than I’d like to admit, I don’t do either as well as I’d like. Thanks to God’s grace and mercy, I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams of an amazing family, friends, and church family. I am an imperfect person that is loved by a perfect God…just as the rest of us are. I try to grow and be more like Him everyday, but too many days are a step back instead of a step forward.

But I do have people encouraging me in the right direction!

I am blessed to work part time in ministry at my church. I love the people that I get to serve with. God is so good that he chooses to use us in His plan. He doesn’t need to, but He chooses to.

Another thing, I am terrible at writing, so bear with me! I’ve always been a math person and tried to avoid English when possible :).

The reason I am starting this blog is mostly as a type of journal for me, something I can look back on years from now since I am so bad about jotting things down that my kids do. And they are growing up so fast. I want to cherish these times and who are we kidding, my memory is not that great. After all, I have had 3 kids! I also want to just jot down my thoughts on faith, parenting, marriage, whatever is on my mind that particular day.

And I want to do something that is a little unconventional for a blog. I want to close most posts out with a prayer…for who or what I am posting about. That way, those that read can agree with me in prayer if they feel so led. Also, I am the type of person whose mind wanders when I pray. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. Therefore, I have to write my prayers down. I like this for many reasons. It keeps me focused and I can look back and see how God has answered my prayers. Trust me when I say I am not eloquent when I pray. It’s just me having a conversation with God. Often I fumble over my words, but I do know that He hears them anyway.

I hope you enjoy getting a little window into my world!

Lord, I pray for all those reading my blog today. I pray that you touch each of them in a special way and that they feel your presence today in a real way. Use each of us today to touch someone for you. You are amazing and for that I praise You. In Jesus name I pray.

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  1. 03/25/2009 2:02 am

    congrats! everyone starts somewhere :-)

    and the love of God is the start of all good things … everyone will eventually realise this.


  2. 04/02/2009 6:57 pm

    Welcome to the blogosphere Jennifer. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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